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18-03-2017 - LEMMY's
Bad Friedrichshall
+ Bleeding
+ Metal Party




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Jürgen Schrank (drums)

Equipment: dw Drums, Paiste Cymbals, Alchemy Cymbals, Pearl-Hardware, Evans Skins, Remo Skins, Vic Firth Sticks, Pro Mark Sticks


Fave bands: Journey, Ark, Spiral Architect, Magnum, Björk, Story Of The Year, Diablo, Everon, Death, In The Name, Beyond Twilight, Secrecy, Anacrusis, Vauxdvihl, Jester's March, Cynic, Panzerballett, Freak Kitchen, Grip Inc., Tarot, Psychotic Waltz, Channel Zero, Titan Force, Hittman, Eric Johnson, Outworld, Lethal, Katatonia, Elbow, Anathema, Soilwork, Warrel Dane, Sanctuary...


Movies: The Closet, My Best Friend, La soupe aux choux, L'aile ou la cuisse, Simpsons, Army of Darkness, Roadtrip, Anger Management, Spongebob


Books: The Talisman, The Physician, The Lord of the Rings, Sams, So wird man Löwe, Weihnachtsmänner frisst man nicht, Ein Mann – Ein Buch, Malt Whisky: The Standard Work


"likes": my family, dry red wines from southern regions, associations, Single Malt Whisky, slow food, emotional intelligence, Lanfear supporters, my brothers in the band


"hates": xenophobia, injustice, envy, dishonesty, egoism, furthermore life is much too short for hate


Why are Lanfear Metal? Because true love for music - without preciousness and knick-knack reflects the original thought of Heavy Metal. Lanfear stands for 100% authenticity!


Which is your favourite Lanfear song and why?

Brave New Men, Outliving The Ages, Seeds Of The Plague, My Will Be Done. Songs with great melodies which symbolize our musical range in a perfect way. From Hard Rock feelings via epic arrangements through to thrashy eruptions


Why do you make music? Because animal instincts and art nowhere else are that close together


What is your motto? When you appreciate your roots it's more easy to be open minded to new things.


Which influences shaped your taste of music?
The Eisenbahn sessions!


Your hobbies:  headphone- and breezer-music, pinball, soccer, culinary expeditions

What inspires you? 
curves, musical emotions, oily bezels, body and temper


Favorite food? native beef tenderloin from open land

First record: 
Scorpions - Savage Amusement


Fave demo (tape): Kingsbane - Kingsbane


Fave fanzine: Underground Empire 7


Best album: Lethal - Programmed


Best concert: Overkill / Mordred (Longhorn, Stuttgart), Ark, Waltari, Symphony X (Röhre Stuttgart), Lethal, Titan Force, Anacrusis, Helstar (KIT), Secrecy, Titan Force (BYH), Shadow Gallery (Progpower)