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The album is finished. More news very soon...



 ulle playlist

LANFEAR - playlist of the month (Apr 2016)

guitar player Ulle:


1. Syndrome - Ressurection
2. Voivod - Post Society
3. Mayfair - My Ghosts Inside
4. Moonsorrow - Jumalten Aika
5. Coldsteel - The Demo Years



 23-12-2015 - New album

We wish all of you happy holidays and a prosperous 2016!

You need some news? Let's go!
The new LANFEAR album has been recorded and it will be mixed in January. That means it should be in your hands around spring 2016.

The title is "The Code Inherited" and it will contain the follwing songs:
- The Delusionist
- Converging Saints
- Evidence Based Ignorance
- The Code Inherited
- The Opaque Hourglass
- Self-Assembled
- Remain Undone
- Summer of 89

Stay tuned for further news!

03-10-2014 - LANFEAR on hiatus

For health reasons LANFEAR is on hiatus at least until spring 2015. There's still an album in the pipeline but we need a break and then we'll see how to move on.

 As you may know some of us are also involved in other bands and projects so the music still flows and there's lots of work to do.
Thank you for your patience.



23-09-2014 - X TO THE POWER OF TEN

"X to the Power of Ten" download now is available at Amazon, Security Cast, Nokia,
Omnifone, Shazam, Deezer, Wimp, Google Play and many more.


26-08-2014 - THX... all visitors of our gig together with Eternal Reign.
We had a blast!


10-08-2014 - Gig in Bremen

gig bremen


01-07-2014 - New gig announced

In 2004 we played @ the Meisenfrei, Bremen, together with our buddies in Eternal Reign. We all had a blast (and lots of alcohol)!

This was unbelievable ten (!) years ago, though it really feels like yesterday.
You're right! We're old farts.
It's really good to know that Eternal Reign are even older, hehe

Screw it! Time for another turn!
23/08/2014 - Meisenfrei Blues Club, Bremen
Be there!


23-02-2014 - LANFEAR 1994 download for free

In spring 1994, about 5-6 months after we founded the band, we recorded our one and only official demo. It was released in summer the same year. The sound was and is far from perfect since we didn’t really know what to do and there’re timing problems and mistakes all over the place, hehe.

Still, it was time to digitalize our first born.

Sadly the original DAT somehow got lost and I had to use one of the duplicated tapes. At least I found a copy which had never been played so I think this is the best you can get.
There are two songs on the tape which never found its way on an album so this might be interesting for some of you guys. As I told you, the sound quality, playing and singing is …uhm…yes, but hey, we were so young :)

You can download the 320 kBit/s tracks for free in our MP3 shop


24-01-2014 - The 1996 LANFEAR debut "Towers" - official digital release and the story behind

Today it’s been 18 years (!) that we self-released our debut album “Towers”.

Back in the days it wasn’t that common to do an album without any financial support from a label.
Most bands recorded demo tapes and hoped to somehow get signed.
After we recorded our demo in 1994 and some very positive reviews we decided to try it. We were totally inexperienced, very young and it was our first time in a professional studio (hi Andy!). We took out a loan and invested an enormous amount to record these nine songs which became our debut album. In 1995 this wasn’t as “cheap” as almost 20 years later. Regardless, we had a blast and I really don’t want to miss a thing. Those were the days.

We pressed 500 copies, sent them out to some zines and received fantastic reviews. There was no distribution at all and of course no internet. The people read a review, sent us cash and we sent them a CD. They wrote us back, wanted autographs, sent us paintings of our logo, handicrafts et cetera. We received handwritten interview questions and we gave them our also handwritten answers. We’re still in contact with some of these guys today and that’s something I’m really proud of! THIS, ladies and gentlemen, to me is METAL!
Within months the album was sold out so we pressed another 500 copies which some months later also had been sold.

There were some label offers but nothing really serious. Urwerk Records provided us a deal and wanted to officially release the album with the option of financing a second one. They re-released “Towers” as “The Towers of February” (the title of our 15 min. longtrack on the album) and with a different cover artwork. I really have no clue how many copies they pressed but what I know is that we never saw any money and all they did was talking shit. The first time we really experienced what music business means. Not the last time, I can assure you!

The original “Towers” (we fondly call it “the green one”) nowadays is extremely rare, almost impossible to find and if you’re lucky enough locate a copy, it is way too expensive! Even the re-release is not that easy to get. Of course the production isn’t up to date (Gen even played on e-drums to save some money), we weren’t the best musicians and it sounds so far away when I listen to the album today. In fact I listen to it right now for the first time in maybe 10 years. Some very good ideas and nice melodies.

We decided to NEVER re-release the album. There will be no remix, no remaster, no bonus CD or demo collection – nothing! However, we thought it would be nice to have an official digital release for the fans who don’t know our old stuff and want to have a listen.

“Towers” now is available on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Musicload and all common stores at a special price. In some stores it takes up to 4 weeks until everything is online but you should find it almost everywhere on short notice (Spotify, WiMP et cetera.).
I ripped the wave files with a professional tool from my almost new original CD so you won’t find it in better quality. Don’t know which store sells which files but I’m sure some of them also have lossless files available.
Of course you can’t compare “Towers” with our latest releases but maybe some of you want to go on a journey through time when some things were better and some not :)

Take care.

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